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Leadership and Strategies for the Blockchain Economy

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12150 DKK (incl. vat)
Master programme
Master in IT Management
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Efterår 2021
30 August 2021
31 December 2021
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intern censur
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bestået/ikke bestået
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This course will focus on educating participants in blockchain technology. The students learn to develop conceptual as well as practical solutions as well as how to generate new theoretical insights based upon these.


While blockchain-based applications such as Bitcoin are still in their infancy, a dramatic increase of industrial and academic interest in blockchain technology is evident. In addition, start-ups, as well as industry initiatives, are presently working intensely on blockchain-based innovations, making the technology one of the most promising drivers of innovation across many sectors and industries. However, the design and implementation of blockchain-based systems requires know-how in various areas, as well as mindful consideration of larger economic and societal issues.

The participants will learn how blockchain technology works and how it disrupts existing business models. They will gain insights into paradigmatic changes occurring from economic, organizational, and computer science viewpoints. As learning outcomes, the participants will receive computer science, information systems, and business knowledge in order to analyze existing business processes and their potential to convert them into blockchain-based solutions. In so doing, they will be able to co-create new blockchain-based economic systems.

Formal prerequisites

ITU's general admission requirements.

Intended learning outcomes

After the course, the student should be able to:

  • Reflect on the relationship between fading enterprises boundaries, transaction cost economics, IT governance, as well as standardization, and apply it in the context of blockchain
  • Describe and discuss your personal role as an innovative business manager and accompanying chances and risks in a globalized blockchain economy.
  • Elaborate on the technological foundations of blockchain systems and critically analyze different blockchain implementations.
Ordinary exam
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C: Submission of written work, internal (bestået/ikke bestået)
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C: Submission of written work
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Written individual assignment (max 15 standard pages of 2400 characters with spaces, tables and pictures do not count), possibillity of group work.