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Entrepreneurship and Business Decisions

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10625 DKK (incl. vat)
BSc in Global Business Informatics
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Associate Professor, Head of study programme
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Efterår 2020
24 August 2020
31 January 2021
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This course is for students looking to understand business and strategic management, and the kind of information needed in order to make good business decisions.

We will be looking deeper into the area of business and strategic management, and the kind of information we need, in order to make good business decisions. 
We will apply the teachings for practical usage, and therefore this course can be of interest to students who wish to start their own business, but also students who would like to understand the mechanics of business decisions in general for example for consultancy purposes. 

We will be working with the 9 elements of strategic business decisions: 
• The external environment 
• The industry 
• The market 
• The product 
• The marketing 
• The people 
• The processes

•The investments
• The value (finances) 

Furthermore a simulation of a business environment will be practiced throughout the course to emphasize the teachings - if the group is large enough.

Formal prerequisites
Intended learning outcomes

After the course, the student should be able to:

  • Describe different phases of business growth and relate the issues and problems associated to each area.
  • Describe the elements of different types of strategic business decisions.
  • Analyse and prioritize the major issues a company faces and suggest solutions.
  • Describe different kinds of business models and their usage.
  • Apply theory by creating a business plan using the taught concepts.
Learning activities

The course will consist of lectures and exercises under supervision. The exercises will be theoretically based analysis of business situations with a student presentation and discussion in plenum. Newspapers and Company web sites will be used as background material. The fact that cases are actual and real life situations, make the concepts more relevant for the students.

The schedule will be available shortly before the beginning of the term.

Course literature

The course literature is published in the course page in LearnIT.

Student Activity Budget
Estimated distribution of learning activities for the typical student
  • Preparation for lectures and exercises: 20%
  • Lectures: 30%
  • Exercises: 15%
  • Project work, supervision included: 15%
  • Exam with preparation: 20%
Ordinary exam
Exam type:
D: Submission of written work with following oral, External (7-point scale)
Exam variation:
D22: Submission with following oral exam supplemented by the submission.
Exam submisson description:
Individual submission of 20-25 pages (this includes table of contents and appendices).

The submission consists of a business plan for a self-chosen company with a written argumentation of the theoretical contents along with reflections on strategic management issues.
Exam duration per student for the oral exam:
30 minutes

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