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Introduction to Service Design

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10625 DKK (incl. vat)
MSc. Master
Master of Science in Information Technology (Digital Design and Interactive Technologies)
Course semester
Forår 2020
27 January 2020
31 August 2020
The course introduces the student to the basic principles, methods and tools of service design. The focus is specially design of services with digital components. Lectures, case studies and hands-on exercises will be used to learn to identify service design opportunities through understanding of stakeholder requirements and needs, and for using service design methods for co-design and evaluation of services with digital components.

The course educates professionals who can manage complex design processes of software intensive services in all phases of digital transformation of public and private sector, and in networks of actors. 

The student will learn service thinking, service design methods and tools, and to apply those in a service design project. The course covers subjects related to digitalization of services, including service dominant logic, service design methods and tools, service innovation, and specific design approaches that can be used in service design project.

Intended learning outcomes

After the course, the student should be able to:

  • Account for and apply basic Service Design thinking, related theories, methods and tools.
  • Recognize essential characteristics of services.
  • Describe the role of digitalization in services.
  • Identify and analyze elements of service ecosystems.
  • Design, analyse and evaluate services using suitable variety of service design methods.
  • Put into perspective and discuss design results, related analyses, and service optimization opportunities articulately, efficiently and persuasively in multimodal format.
Ordinary exam
Exam type:
C: Written report, external (7-trinsskala)
Exam variation:
CG: Submission of written work for groups. As with all exams, a grading foundation must be established to make individual grading possible. You must clearly identify which parts of the work submitted you are responsible for.
Exam description:

The submission consist of: 

1. Final Project Report (Groups of 4-6 students) 
2. Short Paper (Individual) 

Individual grading is grounded on articulated role in group report and individual report.