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Kursusnavn (dansk):Spilkultur 
Kursusnavn (engelsk):Game Culture 
Semester:Forår 2008 
Udbydes, medieteknologi og spil (mtg) 
Omfang i ECTS:7,50 
Min. antal deltagere:12 
Forventet antal deltagere:32 
Maks. antal deltagere:36 
Formelle forudsætninger:None, though this course will be particularly relevant to students who have already taken sociology/media/cultural studies courses and/or another class in computer game studies.  
Læringsmål:Upon successful completion of the course the student will be able to:

1) Demonstrate an understanding of major theoretical approaches from sociology, media studies, communication, and the humanities to examining computer games.

2) Apply a variety of methodological approaches to analyzing the social/cultural aspects of computer games.

3) Identify sociological and cultural trends in the development and use of computer games.

4) Identify a question/problem in the social/cultural analysis of computer games, select an appropriate method for examination, and carry out an original research project or create a design document based on scholarly research.
Fagligt indhold:This course will examine computer games from a cultural and sociological perspective. Rather than focusing on tasks like level construction, it will explore the ways culture, socialization, and values are a part of gaming. Using a variety of theoretical and methodological approaches (drawn from the humanities and social sciences) a range of topics will be discussed in an attempt to understand not only the internal workings and social dynamics of computer games, but their place in the broader culture.

Potential topics include: community management and maintenance in games; group formation, social processes, and interaction; games as communication spaces and virtual worlds; ethics and gaming; the relationship between game rules and social experience; in-game community governance; political/ideological analysis of games; gender and gaming; and design & values in games.
Læringsaktiviteter:14 ugers undervisning bestående af forelæsninger og øvelser

Lectures, discussion, groupwork, classroom exercises.


During the intro week (week 5) the course time table is changed:
Link to the time table

Information about study structure
This course is part of the MTG specialization Design and Analysis of Games ¿ find it described here: MTG study structure. In order to graduate as a MSc in MTG, you need to pass the MTG backbone courses, and also take a 22,5 ECTS specialization and two 7,5 ECTS electives.


Eksamensform og -beskrivelse:X. experimental examination form (7-scale; external exam), 7-trins-skala, Ekstern censur

A presentation of the student's research work / projects (individually or joint in the case of groups) will be held before the exam.

Litteratur udover forskningsartikler:Course compendium.

Afholdelse (tid og sted)
Kurset afholdes på følgende tid og sted:
Torsdag 13.00-15.00 Forelæsning ITU 3A14
Torsdag 15.00-17.00 Øvelser ITU Gamelab

Eksamen afholdes på følgende tid og sted:
2008-05-21 Tidspunkt oplyses senere Skriftlige arbejder ITU Lokale oplyses senere
2008-06-11 Kontakt kursusansvarlig Mundtlig eksamen ITU 2A14
2008-06-12 Kontakt kursusansvarlig Mundtlig eksamen ITU 2A14