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Kursusnavn (dansk):Databasebrug og design 
Kursusnavn (engelsk):Database Use and Design 
Semester:Forår 2012 
Udbydes under:Bachelor i global virksomhedsinformatik (bgbi) 
Omfang i ECTS:7,50 
Min. antal deltagere:12 
Forventet antal deltagere:50 
Maks. antal deltagere:60 
Formelle forudsætninger:Information about the course of study
This course is part of the second semester in the bachelor’s degree in Global Business Informatics. A description of the course of study can be found here:
Bachelor Global Business Informatics  
Læringsmål:NOTE: This desrcription is preliminary and subject to changes before the course start

After the course, students should be able to:

  • Account for the capabilities of a database system and its place in an IT infrastructure.
  • Recognize common methods for describing and visualizing data scemas.
  • Interpret graphical and textual representations.
  • Evaluate and choose security measures for protecting the integrity and consistency of databases.
  • Handle elementary use of a database system.
Fagligt indhold:IT, Information Technology, is about handling data and turning it into information. IT systems take data as input, process and store it, and provide output. The data is stored in databases, ranging from simple unstructured files for single users to sophisticated multi-tier architectures for large organizations, with advanced support for recovery, security, concurrency, etc. This course will focus the general principles of database design, and mainstream database technologies and methods (for example relational databases and the entity-relationship model), but it also includes a broader perspective on data storage. We study elementary data structures used for efficient storage and retrieval of data, emerging techniques for data storage using Internet services, and methods for keeping data secure from malevolent intrusion. The primary goal is to provide an orientation around the diverse and heterogeneous techniques used for various databases in our communication-intensive globalized world. 
Læringsaktiviteter:12 forelæsninger + lejlighedsvis øvelser i forbindelse med undervisningen

There will be 3 mandatory assignments to be handed in during the course
See the schedule here:
link to the time table
The schedule will be available shortly before the beginning of the term.

NOTE: There will no lecture on the 13th of February, and no lecture on the 27th of February. 

Eksamensform og -beskrivelse:X. experimental examination form (7-scale; external exam), 7-trins-skala, Ekstern censur

A4 Written exam with computer with closed net, access to printed material.

During this course students will be required to hand in mandatory assignments (e.g. attendance, papers, exercises, presentations, productions), that need to be completed/approved before being eligible to register for the examination and e.g. being allowed to submit written work for examination. Failure to hand in these mandatory assignments on time will mean that the registration for examination is annulled.  

Litteratur udover forskningsartikler:"Modern Database management" af J.A. Hoffer, November 2010, 10th Revised edition. 
Afholdelse (tid og sted)
Kurset afholdes på følgende tid og sted:
Mandag 08.00-09.50 Forelæsning ITU Aud 3
Mandag 10.00-11.50 Øvelser ITU 3A50, 3A52

Eksamen afholdes på følgende tid og sted:
2012-06-06 9-13 Skriftlig eksamen ITU 3A50, 3A52, 4A54, 4A56, 4A58