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Kursusnavn (dansk):Projektklynge: Andetårsprojekt 
Kursusnavn (engelsk):Project cluster: Second Year Project 
Semester:Forår 2012 
Udbydes under:Bachelor i softwareudvikling (bswu) 
Omfang i ECTS:0,00 
Min. antal deltagere:25 
Forventet antal deltagere:65 
Maks. antal deltagere:70 
Formelle forudsætninger:* You are enrolled on the BSc study program in software development.

* You can construct object-oriented software using C#, corresponding to what is learnt in the BSc courses Object Oriented Software Construction (BOSK) and the BSc course Analysis, Design and Software Architecture (BDSA).

* You can design and query relational databases and can use XML, corresponding to what is learnt in the BSc course Data Storage and Formats (BDLF).

* You can specify and design user interfaces in a structured manner, corresponding to what is learnt in the BSc course Systematic Design of User Interfaces (BSDB).


Information about the course of study
This project cluster is part of the fourth semester in the bachelor’s degree in Software Development. A description of the course of study can be found here:
Bachelor Software Development  
Læringsmål:After this learning activity the student should be able to:

(1) select and apply various online tools for distance communication, such as video conferencing, chat, wiki and email.

(2) account for long distance distributed teamwork including cultural differences time and location independence.

(3) take active part in a globally software development team, including project definition, planning, coordination and be responsible for dedicated parts of the project.

(4) construct programs in F# and explain the basic principles behind functional programming using F#.

(5) construct a working client/server solution mainly programmed in C# on top of the .NET framework. This includes task description, user interface, data model, design, programming and testing.

(6) construct smaller programs in F#

(7) apply and reflect on theories presented in the course to the experiences obtained during the project and document it in the final project report.

(8) conduct a constructive feedback process on other fellow students work. 
Fagligt indhold:The project cluster is centered on a project implementing a Rental Service for digital medias and smaller programming tasks in F#.

The goal is to develop a client-server solution backed by a relational database system.

Students will work in teams of 5 to 6 people, and collaborate / negotiate with students from Singapore Management University (SMU), in English, and with a considerable time difference.
The students at SMU will implement a Rental Service client.

The joint project is described on the shared wiki:

Students will exercise long distance communication and

- deal with cultural gaps in day-to-day communication with team members.

- conduct online conversation in a respectful manner, both written and spoken.

- share a balanced amount of information to have a successful long distance collaboration.

- reach an agreement that both parties find satisfactory. 

The project cluster consists of

- a course-like block with lectures and exercises, covering the themes of the course
- a 14 week group project covering the themes and theories in the course.
- a 5 week intensive project period working together with SMU.
- feed back sessions where students give feed back to other students work.
- group meetings with supervisor
- hand-ins with F# assignments

The project cluster will include required reading on distributed project management and teamwork, inter-cultural and cross-disciplinary collaboration.

The project cluster will include required reading on advanced technical subjects including web-services, unit testing, stubs, F#, advanced C# language constructs and various internet technologies.

There will be 6 mandatory hand-ins on F# programming assignments. The hand-ins will be graded before exam but are part of the project report and final grade. The project report must be written in English.

The project cluster at ITU runs through the entire spring semester. The joint subproject with SMU runs mainly in March and April 2012. The ITU students are expected to spend a minimum of time, probably at odd hours, every working day during the joint project period in order to have a continuous communication and negotiation process.

Project cluster
This is a project cluster. Students who sign up for this project cluster will also need to register their specific project in the project base.
The project cluster as such will not be listed in your final exam papers - it will be the project title that is registered in your diploma.
See the schedule here:
link to the time table
The schedule will be available shortly before the beginning of the term. 

Eksamensform og -beskrivelse:X. experimental examination form (7-scale; external exam), 7-trins-skala, Ekstern censur

Additional exam information:

- The mandatory F# hand-ins will be graded during the course. The graded hand-ins are available for censuring together with the project report at the exam. Points collected accounts approximate for 25% of the final grade. A hand-in must be handed in within the given deadline; otherwise it will count as zero points.

- There is only one final grade for the course covering hand-ins, report and the oral project exam.  

Litteratur udover forskningsartikler:To be announced. 
Afholdelse (tid og sted)
Kurset afholdes på følgende tid og sted:
Tirsdag 08.00-09.50 Forelæsning ITU 2A52
Tirsdag 10.00-11.50 Øvelser ITU 2A52
Torsdag 08.00-09.50 Forelæsning ITU 3A12/14
Torsdag 10.00-11.50 Forelæsning ITU 3A12/14
Torsdag 12.00-13.50 Øvelser ITU 3A12/14