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Kursusnavn (dansk):Designing Interactive Artifacts 
Kursusnavn (engelsk):Designing Interactive Artifacts 
Semester:Forår 2018 
Udbydes, digital design og kommunikation (ddk) 
Omfang i ECTS:7,50 
Min. antal deltagere:30 
Forventet antal deltagere:
Maks. antal deltagere:60 
Formelle forudsætninger:None. 
Læringsmål:Students should be able to:
* Prototype interaction and sketch with code and hardware.
* Articulate the development and maturation of their designerly practice
* Compare and contrast different interaction techniques, paradigms and technolo 
Fagligt indhold:Through a designerly practice and in the Bauhaus tradition, we will engage with the basic elements of interaction design - code, electronics and materials - in order to bring to life interactive prototypes and sketches. Through exploration and mastery of materials and tools, we will explore notions of interaction qualities, opening discussions on interaction design research topics and relating design work to contemporary interactive artifacts.

Various topical interaction design themes will be covered in conjunction with particular technologies and materials. 
Læringsaktiviteter:14 ugers undervisning bestående af forelæsninger og øvelser

Learning about the material and techniques of interaction through hands-on workshops and engagement. Interactive artifacts will be created, demonstrated and critiqued throughout the semester.

A digital portfolio is built throughout the semester and handed in at the end of the semester as documentation of reflective, hands-on engagement in the form of notes, sketching and prototypes. This is the individual report part of the assessment. Feedback on the portfolio will be provided at several points during the semester. 

Obligatoriske aktivititer:Activities
The course is divided in 3 parts: a skills-development part on code, electronics and materials; an analytical part on articulating interactions; and a practical part on mobilising skills and theory in a design project. Each project is concluded with a 'show and tell' of gained competences. Participation in these 3 presentations is mandatory.

Be aware: The student will receive the grade NA (not approved) at the ordinary exam, if the mandatory activities are not approved and the student will use an exam attempt. 
Eksamensform og -beskrivelse:D22: Aflevering med mundtlig eksamen suppleret af aflevering., (7-scale, external exam)

Final grades will be based on an individual report and performance at an individual oral exam.

Length of oral exam: 30 minutes (10 minute student presentation + 10 minute discussion + 10 minute examiner discussion).  

Litteratur udover forskningsartikler:tba